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5 Quick Hacks To Eat Less

Sometimes, we can all use a few ideas to reign in the diet. Here are five quick tips you can implement every time you get your food on!

  1. Cut out snacking. Snacks are incomplete meals that leave you mindlessly consuming calories. Instead opt to eat larger (healthy) meals that leave you feeling full, but not stuffed.

  2. Use smaller plates. Sometimes our eyes are bigger than our stomachs. Using a smaller plate will make it look like you have more food than you do, leaving you more likely to feel satisfied and less likely to pile on the goods!

  3. Put your fork down between bites or.... slow down while you eat! Chowing down can easily lead to overeating and feeling stuffed. Be mindful while you eat and you’re much more likely to hear your natural hunger signals!

  4. Don’t eat out of the package! See your food while you eat and you’re more likely to recognize how much you’ve had resulting in less calories overall.

Here’s the big one:

  1. Switch to whole, natural foods. I know, they aren’t as fun, but here’s the magic: more volume for less calories. This means more food for less calories which means fuller, faster, and longer (thanks fiber!)

Which tip are you going to use?

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