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My Philosophy

My name's Kat and it's great to meet you!

As a personal trainer and massage therapist, I have a unique understanding of the human body. I work with clients to achieve their fitness and pain relief goals. I offer a holistic wellness approach that includes massages tailored to address points of pain and tension, as well as training programs to work on the underdeveloped muscles that contribute to pain.


My journey in the fitness industry began five years ago, with a focus on helping clients shed pounds, melt away excess fat, and achieve body recomposition through weight lifting. However, I quickly realized a common thread among many of my clients - the prevalence of low back pain, shoulder discomfort, and troublesome knee issues.


I observed firsthand the toll that everyday life takes on the body, whether from physically demanding occupations, prolonged hours spent hunched over a computer, or extended commutes behind the wheel. Many people have accepted pain as a constant companion, settling for a baseline level of "okay" in their daily lives.


I studied all that I could to help train away pain. After a few months of consistent exercise, I had multiple clients tell me that they had alleviated their nagging back pain. However, I wanted to be able to offer quicker relief, so I pursued my massage therapist license. Armed with my knowledge and skills, I am able to offer both short-term respite and long-term solutions, helping people get back to a stronger, more able body and clearer, more productive mind.


Explore my website to discover how my holistic approach can help you achieve your fitness aspirations and break free from the limitations of chronic pain. Together, we'll embark on a journey toward a healthier, happier you.

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Private Personal Training Services

In Person Personal Training

  • Weekly In Person Training Sessions

  • Weekly Check Ins To Keep You On Track

  • Custom Programming To Fit Your Goals

  • Strategies and Tools For Your Success

Small Group Training

  • Grab A Buddy And Start Your Fitness Journey Together!

  • In Person or Live Online Training Sessions 

  • Weekly Check Ins To Keep You Both On Track With Your Goals

  • ​Nutrition Guidance To Help You Live A Healthier Lifestyle

Online Personal Training

  • Weekly Live Training Sessions Via Zoom

  • Weekly Check Ins To Keep You On Track

  • Custom Programming To Fit Your Goals

  • Strategies and Tools For Your Success

Nutrition Guidance

  • Have training down but need assistance on diet? This is the perfect option!

  • Assistance creating a weekly diet plan that works for you

  • Weekly Check Ins To Keep You On Track With Your Goals

  • Learn How to Track Calories and Macros​


  • Customized Strength Training Programs To Fit Your Goals

  • Weekly Check Ins To Keep You On Track

  • Strategies and Tools For Your Success

Ready to Get Started?

  • Book your free fitness assessment & consultation below

  • Pick your training plan

  • Start your journey to your strongest, fittest, healthiest you!

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