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Personal Training | Massage Therapy



Working with Kat has truly changed my life. I was ready to commit to a healthier, stronger body and mind and Kat provides the guidance and knowledge to lead me in the right direction.She is dedicated to fitness and so knowledgeable as a nutrition and fitness resource.


Her blend of sorcery and science has helped me find a balance between exercise, nutrition, and strength training. She understands that people are at different levels in their fitness life and adjusts and modifies the exercises to be challenging but not impossible. She is easy to communicate with and listens to what is going in with my progress so we can adjust and make sure I'm training safely.


She is supportive, gives encouragement, and acknowledges my gains and progress. I love seeing the pictures comparing me now to a few months ago. I can see new muscles and a leaner figure. I love it! In addition to being an awesome coach and trainer, Kat is an amazing person that I am truly honored to have in my life.

Lucy F.

Client Highlights

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