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Client Highlights


​"After working with Kat for 6 weeks and putting in the work on my end, I'm down 10 pounds. Her services however, extend beyond what you see on the scale. Am I "COMPLETELY SHREDDED IN JUST SIX WEEKS?" No.  Am I stronger and a bit leaner with more energy? Do I feel better? Absolutely.

Kat is an excellent trainer because she recognizes the needs of the individual.  She breaks down and demonstrates each exercise, she gears things toward what your goals are, she meticulously plans routines around helping you, and if it isn't working she's not afraid to change recommendations/make adjustments. I never once felt like I was being forced to workout or that I was "overdoing it" during workouts. Nor was I ever cripplingly sore.  Rather anytime I was sore there was a sense of satisfaction because "I did that, I am improving."

I never felt down on myself when I made a mistake, it was just a thing that happened because everyone makes mistakes; I felt no judgement from Kat.  I went a few weeks without losing weight on the scale but could see progress due to weekly check ins. Kat establishes a healthy balance of pushing yourself and knowing where you're at while respecting your limits. In addition, she's very positive and helps you recognize even your tiniest successes. Her training has helped me recognize certain habits I have that are detrimental to my goals, and more than anything if feels like she's in your corner every step of the way.

Steven R.

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